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Partners of Dönberg Electronics

Dönberg Electronics - Reference Clients

Dönberg Electronics® LTD started in 1987 as an Irish company with mainly national clients, but since then we have developed into a distributor of electronic parts for clients from all over the world.

Some of our regular clients are:

  • Elektronix Services, Ireland
  • B.C.M. Verona SNC, Italy
  • Mavilor Motors, Spain
  • Yixin Electronics Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Decatel S.A., Belgium
  • APL Hi-FI OOD, Bulgaria
  • Kyte Powertech, Ireland
  • Hesse Mechatronics, Germany
  • University of Life Science, Austria
  • NYA Arvikagjutere AB, Sweden
  • Imprimerie de L`Eperon, France
  • Eckelmann AG, Germany
  • Technicom Electronics, Netherlands
  • Art S.P.A.,Italy
  • MS Spektrum Szkolmowski SP.,Poland
  • Amusements Plus Inc., USA
  • Walter Müller AG, Switzerland
  • umax NUF, Norway
  • Gasmet Technologies OY, Finland
  • RS Components PTY, Australia
  • Petersime NV, Belgium
  • Scientific Games Worldwide Ltd., Ireland
  • Fast Benelux BV, The Netherlands
  • Tecnel Di Attucci Adriano, Italy
  • Gassner Wiege + Messtechnik GmbH, Austria
  • Starloc, France
  • Bergmann I. A/S, Denmark
  • Gryphon Audio Desighns, Denmark
  • Eberle A. GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • C-Plus Electronics Inc., USA
  • Edinburgh Instruments Ltd., Scotland
  • Nordtechnik KFT, Hungary
  • Sarl Extreme Bike, France
  • Clarion Europe SAS, France
  • Namco Europe Ltd., U.K.
  • Elwe Technik GmbH, Germany
  • Suzo International UK Ltd., U.K.
  • Arann Healthcare Ltd., Ireland
  • Petroassist S.A., Portugal
  • Selc Ireland Limited, Ireland
  • Performas, France
  • Global Medical Imaging LLC, USA
  • Vantage IC LLC, USA
  • Siltronic AG, Germany
  • University of Live Science, Austria
  • Telemetrie Elektronik GmbH, Germany
  • Antana Technologies SL, Spain
  • Traab Engg India PVT Ltd., India
  • Kungliga Biblioteket (National Library of Sweden), Sweden
  • Rivas Audiovisual S.L., Spain
  • MMTC-Pump India PVT Ltd., India
  • Unis Stock BV, The Netherlands
  • Lufthansa Aviation Training, Germany
  • GEC Europe AG, Switzerland
  • Linseis Meßgeräte GmbH, Germany
  • Baste & Lange GmbH, Germany
  • Kaneco, Ireland
  • Andivision S.A., Ecuador
  • Micro Oy, Finland
  • LSK Technology Oy, Finland
  • First Industries, France
  • Groupe Syselec, France
  • Rockwell Automation B.V., The Netherlands
  • Diamond Electronics Ltd., England
  • E-Repair S.R.L.U., Italy
  • Neptune Venice SRL, Italy
  • Gecom Genevesa Commerciale SRL, Italy
  • Dongyang Engineering Co. Ltd., South Korea
  • PHPU SP. Z.o.o., Poland
  • NYA Arvikagjuteri AB, Sweden
  • Keyman AB, Sweden
  • Sierra IC Inc., USA
  • Becker Avionics Inc., USA
  • PT Unitama Analitika Perkasa, Indonesia